Whose the girl? Is this truth? Or is he writing fiction?


Originally posted to FB on Febuary 14,2010

I miss you. I miss talking to you. I miss everything about you. I want to be in your bed again. In your arms again. Lights off, heat up, wrapped in sheets of silk. nothing between us, nothing holding back. Your body against mines, our skins blending as one.

Your arm around me, sweat dripping, but that’s okay, because I like it anyway.

And I watch you as you sleep. You look so sound, so at ease. And I can tell you trust me, and that puts my mind at ease. You fall alseep, so alseep that you snore.

I hate snoring. I despise the sound, but for some reason, yours is soothing.

I drift off into a nother land when I’m with you, and i sleep the best sleep I have ever slept.

I’ve never felt so perfect and innocent, than when I’m with you.

And i wake up, look at my phone, you stir, hair a mess.

Our thighs were intertwined, so we’re both kinda sweaty and gross.

You get up, naked.

I look at your body, my eyes studying your perfect form. God could have not made a more perfect boy. I love every inch of you. That beauty mark on the back of your…

You tell me to turn away and not look as you go to the bathroom, because I had told you the same the previous night when i got up naked.

I obey, but peek through my fingers. I love your shoulders.

We get dressed, brush our teeth. I come out of the bathroom, and stretch out my arms and yawn.

“Better now?” you ask.

“mhmm, very.” I say.

I walk up to you, look up and into your eyes, you pause, I take my hand, put it up to your face, and I kiss you. I pull away,I linger for a bit, taking all of you in… then grab my coat, and we’re heading out, to have our day.


About jordanrien

I'm Jordan. I am a writer, a naturalist, a feminist, a Christian, an ocean conservationist, and a lover. I live in Chicago,IL as of now. I attend art school. I'm 20 years of age. I'm also, female, don't let my name throw you off. I love music, and literally listen to all kinds. Don't keep a one track mind. I appreciate literature and chill sessions with friends. I do whatever I feel... “My 'fear'… is my substance, and probably the best part of me.”- Franz Kafka

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