Blue Veins


This is my first entry on wordpress. I am intrigued to see how this goes. None of you all know me and I’d like to keep it that way.

For now.

Currently listening to: Blue Veins by The Raconteurs

Mood: Somber

I’ve been going through so much lately. I just moved into my own apartment. All on my own, no roomates, no fake bitches, no moochin ass niggas.

Its a one bedroom in posh upper middle class Hyde Park; Chicago,IL.

I have to admit, I’m doing loads better than more than half the people I know.

All of my friends have dwindled off, and fell to the waste side.

Their lives are complete garbage now.

They can’t say I didn’t tell them so.

Somehow I get a warm sense of satisfaction from their demises.

I knew they shouldn’t have fucked me over.

I guess karma really is a bitch.

So now I’m sitting in my room. alone. on my $1,200 bed, thinking back on life.

I really did get the last laugh.

Life is weird without a best friend, I do feel sad about that. Victoria has dropped off the face of the earth I think. Kalila deleted her facebook. Jackie is still… nowhere really. and the rest have gone back home as well, and fizzled out.

I have no one to talk to these days.

No best friend and I think I’ve lost keagan to some ugly white bitch.

So I truly have no one.

Maybe at a time of isolation it is time for inner peace and refelection. So i’m trying to do that. But it sure is lonely.

I’m a junior in art school now, so thats amazing.

I’m going to apply to Columbia University next year for 2013. Maybe I’ll be living in new york…

My love life is a whole other post though…


About jordanrien

I'm Jordan. I am a writer, a naturalist, a feminist, a Christian, an ocean conservationist, and a lover. I live in Chicago,IL as of now. I attend art school. I'm 20 years of age. I'm also, female, don't let my name throw you off. I love music, and literally listen to all kinds. Don't keep a one track mind. I appreciate literature and chill sessions with friends. I do whatever I feel... “My 'fear'… is my substance, and probably the best part of me.”- Franz Kafka

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