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I was talking to some writerly/publishing-type friends the other night and I mentioned that I’m teaching a workshop in Hofstra University’s Continuing Ed program in the spring about Query Letters: why you need them; who they are sent to; what they should and shouldn’t include; how to write one. And then we got into a discussion about how quickly or slowly I can tell whether I’m going to read someone’s manuscript, based on their query. It kind of goes like this: if the query sucks in any of the myriad usual ways it can suck, I don’t bother with the manuscript. Sorry! I only have oh so much time. If the query comes to my e-mail address but is addressed to anybody but me, I don’t read the manuscript (I made an exception to this rule only once). If the query is too weird or too personal or sucks in …

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About jordanrien

I'm Jordan. I am a writer, a naturalist, a feminist, a Christian, an ocean conservationist, and a lover. I live in Chicago,IL as of now. I attend art school. I'm 20 years of age. I'm also, female, don't let my name throw you off. I love music, and literally listen to all kinds. Don't keep a one track mind. I appreciate literature and chill sessions with friends. I do whatever I feel... “My 'fear'… is my substance, and probably the best part of me.”- Franz Kafka

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