Nights of Passion

I am a member of CTRWA, which is a Connecticut chapter of the Romance Writers of America.  They are particularly gifted at putting on amazing educational events for writers.  I always leave feeling smarter, inspired, and energized to write.  I will be at this workshop, and because I believe in its value, I’m passing on this information to you.

CTRWA Proudly presents…

A Day with Laurie Schnebly Campbell
About The Psychology of Creating Characters

“Here’s your chance to create deep, well-rounded, flesh-and-blood characters!”
Linda Lael Miller, NYT bestselling author

What makes characters the way they are is the same thing that makes real-life people the way they are. Through years of research related to her background as a counseling therapist, Laurie has identified the four factors that determine personality. And the good news for authors is that these same factors create personality traits that automatically build the conflict that…

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About jordanrien

I'm Jordan. I am a writer, a naturalist, a feminist, a Christian, an ocean conservationist, and a lover. I live in Chicago,IL as of now. I attend art school. I'm 20 years of age. I'm also, female, don't let my name throw you off. I love music, and literally listen to all kinds. Don't keep a one track mind. I appreciate literature and chill sessions with friends. I do whatever I feel... “My 'fear'… is my substance, and probably the best part of me.”- Franz Kafka

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